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  1. The Curious Boo

The Curious Boo

- This was one of the first melodies I came up with while experimenting with prototype #1, aka Monster. it was called Monster because of the way it was hobbled together, kind of like Frankenstein. Cyril had glued half a lap steel to a Moog guitar, and when I mentioned the scale length was pretty short, he inserted a 2x4 to make up the difference and taped on a xerox'ed fretboard. The tuning pegs weren't all tuneable at first and that lead to some 'interesting' open tunings. As time went on, the 2x4 got more and more curved and eventually, once i'd get it in tune, I couldn't breathe or look at it funny for fear of catastrophe. That being said, there's nothing quite like the Monster and honestly, it was such a pleasure to get to know the technology thru this awesomely down-to-earth prototype. So, the B part of this melody represents a combination of both the Sacred Steel style of playing as well as an Indian approach to vertical slide guitar phrasings. Jake overdubbed a couple extra bass parts and we had fun with the Ring Mod and panning effects.