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  1. Jet Li

Jet Li
- i am a big martial arts fans and Jet Li is one of my favorites. This piece originated in 2 ways. One was i wanted to musically recreate the feel of Jet's body movements, so smooth and flowing. When i first started messing around with the prototypes for the Moog Steel guitar, I realized that one of the benefits of the sustain mode was that there is always energy in the string, so I can use my fingerpick as a slide of sorts, and in doing so access intervals with a whole new inflection and intensity previously unavailable to me on the steel guitar. I thought this technique would be great for the Jet Li song, and the melody developed from there. I had originally thought of this idea a few days before the MoogFest concert in 2010 and my early musings on both the technique and this theme are featured in the first Moog steel video that was put up on the internet. Thanks to my bandmates from The Billy Sea, River and Jake, for the percussion and bass! Also to my homey Ross Holmes for the beautiful violin part.