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Billy Cardine, from The Biscuit Burners, Acoustic Syndicate, and the BIlly Sea, releases a new recording featuring his distinct voice on the slide guitar in a wide variety of band settings with musical friends and heroes from all over the USA. Cardine's hometown of Asheville, NC is a hot spot for roots music artists, and whenever possible, as groups were traveling through, he would arrange for a studio session. After several years, enough of these, sometimes impromptu, recording sessions came to fruition. "Yours To Find" emerged as a fully realized album and a veritable who's who of the Americana scene. 

"Yours To Find" features Billy's unique, genre-blurring approach to an array of instruments including: acoustic Dobro, Weissenborn, Chaturangui (a 22 string Indian slide guitar), Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Banjo and Guitar. He is featured alongside musicians familiar to many Americana music lovers, including: Bobby Hicks, The Biscuit Burners, Uncle Earl, Alvin Breeden and the VA Cutups, David Via, Benny Galloway, and members of: Cadillac Sky, The Punch Bros, Town Mountain, DownBeat Project and more... 

The recording features 14 tracks, the majority of which are originals, written by Cardine and friends.  Cardine also pays homage to the roots of mountain music by having chosen an old time number, and two other throw back songs.  A refreshing approach to a solo recording by an instrumentalist, Billy chose to pack this record full of great singing, with over half of the material devoted to songs with voice. Two of the tracks were adapted by Cardine from a radio interview by Pete Wernick back in the 70's with the father of bluegrass music himself, Bill Monroe, discussing what he likes and doesn't like about bluegrass music.

On "Yours To Find", Billy uses the slide guitar as part of the fabric of the songs as opposed to using the songs as a bed for specifically showcasing his instrument. There are plenty of melodic fireworks, but they remain grounded in the aesthetic of the songs. While he has taken in influences from all corners of the world, on "Yours To Find", those sounds manifest themselves in a very transparent way, adding yet another layer of color to Billy's adventurous, playful and emotionally expressive approach to making music.

"I couldn’t have picked a better example for them [...than BillyC] of where the Dobro is now or what the possibilities are with the instrument.” -- Jerry Douglas 

"Billy Cardine proves to be one of the new generation of resonator guitar players who truly understands the possibilities of the instrument." -- Bluegrass Unlimited

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