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  • The April Sessions - Digi Download
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The April Sessions is a Jazz project with an Appalachian undercurrent, based out of Asheville, NC. The instrumentation is essentially a piano trio with an acoustic Dobro.

Billy Cardine, Chris Rosser, Zack Page and River Guerguerian came together to raise money for the Odyssey Community School in Asheville, NC. They had played together for many years in various combinations and this particular concert produced a unique and gorgeous mood of jazz.

These four fathers orchestrated time to record on a spring weekend in April 2011. The synchronistical magic continued to unfold in the sessions at the Sound Temple Studios with the expertise of engineer Michael Hynes and owner Robert George.

There was an organic chemistry between the musical friends, and within the sonic qualities of the instruments involved. The sessions proved to be a breath of fresh air for all involved, and the music was imaginative, live and adventurous (and without the use of a click track).

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